Insurance Distribution Directive

Insurance Distribution Directive:
What impact(s) for insurance intermediaries in the aftermath of the normative wave?


Through a series of interviews of its European lawyers, CGPA Europe traces the most significant points of the transposition of the Insurance Distribution Directive and its impact on insurance intermediaries in seven countries.

In the aftermath of the wave of legislation that has revolutionised the European insurance distribution landscape, our lawyers provide details on the specifics of the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) in several countries: Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Italy.
From the most significant points in the implementation of IDD in the Member States’ laws, to the creation of new categories of insurance intermediaries, or the practical difficulties associated with the implementation of these changes by intermediaries: these short interviews provide a brief overview of the challenges and opportunities for insurance intermediaries in these countries since IDD came into force.